Science for Ocean Action

Science for Ocean Action, International Conference was held at city of Bergen in Norway between 19th – 21st of November 2018.  More than 100 delegates participated for this conference representing many countries and international organizations.  Conference was mainly discussed current issues related to Ocean Pollutions,  Climate Change, Blue Carbon and Mangroves, Plastics and Micro Plastics, Fisheries , Resources, & Eco System ,Aquaculture, Sea Food, and Ocean Governance. Experts in various type of disciplines were contributed to the International gathering.   For this conference, Sri Lanka was represented by Professor Daya Edirisinghe, Chairman, National Aquatic Resources Research and Development Agency.  Hon Prime Minister of Norway Erna Solberg delivered a Key note speech at the conference.  Professor Daya Edirisinghe presented a piece of Sri Lankan art to the Norwegian Prime Minister at the conference on 20th November 2018.  During this period, Professor Daya Edirisinghe was able to visit the Institute of Marine Research at Bergen by the invitation of Senior Scientist Jens-Otto Krastad.