Ornamental Fish Breeding, Culture and Management Training 2017 was successfully completed.

Inland Aquatic Resources and Aquaculture Division (IARAD) of National Aquatic Resources Research and Development Agency is vested with the responsibility of management and sustainable utilization of inland aquatic resources. The main research and development covers the important area of aspects of ornamental fish and aquatic plants. As scheduled IARAD is conducting this exclusive ornamental fish breeding, culture and management training since twenty years. The course covered in ten days in weekends including Friday. We restrict number of participants up to 30 in order to smooth handling of the sessions especially practical classes.  We conducted another very successful training programme for them who represented various districts of the country and had various levels of knowledge base in the ornamental fish industry.
Among the participants, there were entrepreneurs, small scale fish farmers and beginners who were looking for new technical knowledge in this sector. This programme covered every aspects of ornamental fish breeding, fish disease management, fish feed management, water quality management, legislations of aquaculture ventures and fish farm management etc. Especially, it was included practical sessions that enhanced novel hands on experiences regarding mostly wanted parts of managing an own fish farm. Induced breeding practical session was the very first experience of them doing artificial fish breeding using hormones (video).

NARA scientist and several external resource persons such as experts from Department of fisheries, NAQDA, contributed to share their knowledge gained through the research, development and management activities. In addition fish farm consultants and fish exporters from the private sector willingly shared their experiences that they achieved through their long term industrial activities. It is the uniqueness of this mission that our team always tried to give their best for the apprentices. So, we as a team always devoted to maintain this excellent quality throughout this programme.

Finally, our objective is to promote BMPs and augmenting overall quality of our ornamental fish products for broadening Sri Lankan share of the international ornamental fish market. Hon. Minister of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Development Mr.Mahinda Amaraweera participated for the certificate awarding ceremony.

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