Follow-up training program on transfer of technology for preparation of
gelled fish mince products in Negombo area


In this year, training group from Ehime Prefectural International Center (EPIC) in Japan has made an official visit to NARA to monitor the performance-progress of training (2016) conducted in Negombo area. EPIC team together with IPHT staff has met Negombo fishery community (trainee women) at Kudapaduwa Fisheries Community Hall in Kudapaduwa on July 07, 2017. The purpose of visit of EPIC team was to follow-up the progress of two trainings conducted by Institute of Post Harvested Technology (IPHT) with the collaborative support of EPIC team for fisher women in Negombo on July 27to July 28, 2016 and Trincomalee on July 25- to 26, 2016.
During this forum on July 07, 2017, trainee women demonstrated their skills successfully to the monitoring team on the preparation of gelled fish mince products (Jakoten and fish sausages) which they have gained in the previous training. The fisher women expressed their keen interest in applying this know-how technology on mince products as small cottage industries. They have, therefore, requested need for financial support also to start producing these products as family business initially.



Introduction of fishery related mince product processing  
  Demonstrating the skills gain for Jacoten preparation
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