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The fish consumption issue in Sri Lanka cannot be resolved only by fisheries industry

Fish resources are destroyed  by illegal fish nets

High demand in Local and International market for the Sea bass
Let's protect vulnerable turtle species

Increase your income by ornamental fish breeding

NARA as a premier institution for the fisheries industry

Oyster culturing for a better income

Self earnings by preparing fish foods
Dynamite wipe out the fish resources
NARA to turn "threat" into food for fish
NARA scientists discover discover rare mangrove specie English
Sinhala Vidusara
Divaina news paper
Ada Newspaper
Mollusks culturing for a better income
Marine litter threatened Sri Lanka tourism prospects
Let's protect long live turtles
A delicious yoghurt from sea weeds

NARA Scientific sessions

A discouraging period for the inland fisheries industry
Value added products by additional fish harvest
Better income by Ornamental fish breeding  
Turtle resource along the coastline of Sri Lanka

Trash in Lankan seas killing turtles

Coral resources are  in danger
Samudrika vessel expands  the bathymetric surveys in the ocean
Let's protect endemic inland fish species in Sri Lanka
Ornamental fish breeding

Enhance your revenue from Kawati Oyster

High demanded Moda

Trash in Lankan seas killing turtles

Imperative agreements between Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Department and Navy

Marine litter threatens Sri Lanka tourism prospects

Nara's contribution to  advance the popularity of Oyster as a food

Delicious and healthy fish dishes

First stage of increasing lagoon production has started
Prawn culture for a better income

Most of the lagoons in Sri Lanka have ripped down


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