Conduct scientific research & provide service for the development & sustainable utilization of living & non living aquatic resources

The National Aquatic Resources Research and Development Agency (NARA) is the apex national institute vested with the responsibility of carrying out and coordinating research, development and management activities on the subject of aquatic resources in Sri Lanka. The NARA is a statutory body duly established by NARA Act of No. 54 of 1981, during the past 38 years NARA conducted numerous scientific studies in the field of fisheries and aquatic resources. NARA also provides services for development and sustainable utilization of living and non-living aquatic resources.

Our Key Research Areas

Study of sustainable utilization of marine living resources

Conservation and management of aquatic environment

Reduction of post harvest losses and value addition

Promotion of Sustainable Aquaculture and Inland fisheries

Oceanography, hydrography, marine geology, disaster management
and early response

Assessment of the socio-economic condition of the fishing