Conduct scientific research & provide service for the development & sustainable utilization of living & non living aquatic resources

The National Aquatic Resources Research and Development Agency (NARA) is the apex national institute vested with the responsibility of carrying out and coordinating research, development and management activities on the subject of aquatic resources in Sri Lanka. The NARA is a statutory body duly established by NARA Act of No. 54 of 1981, during the past 34 years NARA conducted numerous scientific studies in the field of fisheries and aquatic resources. NARA also provides services for development and sustainable utilization of living and non-living aquatic resources.

Mysteries of Indian monsoon probed Research plane and ships aim to gather the most detailed data yet on rainfall variations.

Visiting of RV Dr. Fridtj of Nansen for coastal Eco-system survey

Celebration of World Environment Day

New Chairman is appointed to NARA

External Review of NARA

Workshop on Initiation of Marine Geological Research Cooperation

NARA Launching 03 Community Based Projects

NARA celebrated its excellence of 36 years

Demonstration of Sea cucumber breeding Programme

නාරා ආයතනය නව පොකිරිස්සන් විශේෂයක් සොයා ගනියි

Workshop for preparation of Annual Action Plan 2018 and Mid Term Plan 2020

Modelling of fresh and saline water movement of east of Sri Lanka

International Conference of Oceanography in the Bay of Bengal: Emphasis on Intra-Seasonal Oscillation

Induced Breeding of Economically Important Ornamental Fish

China visited NARA on 26-12- 2017 to discuss the long time collaboration between NARA and TIO

Colombo Seafood Festival 2017, a Great Success

Opening Ceremony of Sri Lanka Seafood Festival

Media conference on seafood festival

Stakeholder Consultation Workshop 2017

World Fisheries Day 2017

Workshop on Best Management Practices in Aquaculture: capacity building and policy development

Induced Breeding of KOI

Sri Lanka and Norway Bilateral project on Technical Assistance to improve the management of the fish resources of Sri Lanka

The programme on "Thirasara Udana Diviyaka Udana"

Workshop on 'Sri Lanka-Norway Bilateral Project'

Opening of Naval Wing of National Hydrographic Office at National Aquatic Resources Research and Development Agency

NARA Launched the Newly Built Fish Smoking Unit

NARA Scientific sessions 2017, a Great achievement