Sea Level Data

Sea Level variation is the short and long-term fluctuation of water level by the forces of astronomical, meteorological, and hydrological properties of the location. Sea level variation can be classified with wavelength alongshore and the remaining time period from minutes to hundreds of years. Observed Sea level-related events on the Sri Lankan coast were metotsunami, tsunamis, storm surges, tides, seasonal signals, El Niño, and sea level rise. The tidal variation originates from the cyclic gravitational force in the rotating solar system while non-tidal sea level variation originates from inverse barometric effect, wind, and wave action while disturbing the atmospheric system and seismic activities.











Figure 01: Sea level monitoring network around the country.
Denoted in Red are the proposed locations of sea level stations,
and the Green ones are the currently functioning stations, Blue is ongoing construction.


Available sea level data.
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