Our Vision

To be the premier institution for Scientific Research in Conservation, Management and Development of Aquatic Resources in the Region.

Our Mission

To provide innovative solutions for national development issues in the aquatic resources sector utilizing scientific and technological knowledge & resource base

Our Logo History

The Dolphin on the NARA logo symbolizes knowledge and intelligence in the sea, which NARA represents in the national context. The dolphin has been a friend of the man from time immemorial and also signifies conservation. Like the Dolphin the Agency represents freshwater as well as marine presence. The poise of the NARA Dolphin is characteristically confident and forward looking.

About NARA

The National Aquatic Resources Research and Development Agency (NARA) is the principal National Institute charged with the responsibility of carrying out and coordinating research, development and  management activities on the subject of Aquatic Resources in Sri Lanka. It is managed by a Board of Governors consisting partly of members appointed by the Hon. Minister of Fisheries and Ocean Resources and also of certain Ex-officio members. The National Aquatic Resources Research and Development Agency Act No. 54 of 1981 established NARA in 1981. The main objective then was to face the challenges offered by the 200 nautical miles Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), which Sri Lanka was endowed with, as an outcome of the third United Nations Conference on Law of the Sea. The area of EEZ represents a sea territory covering 460,000 Sq. km, which is around 08 times the land territory of Sri Lanka. With a jurisdiction over such vast sea territory, it is imperative for Sri Lanka to gear herself to proper management of this area and to integrate activities on fisheries and aquatic resources in her development plans. Ensure the application and utilization of scientific and technological expertise for the implementation of the national development program on the subject of living and non-living aquatic resources

Promote and conduct research activities directed towards the identification, assessment, management, conservation and development of aquatic resources and in particular in the following fields;

  • Oceanography and Hydrography
  • Improvement and development of fishing craft, fishing gear and equipment, and fishing methods
  • The social and economic aspects of the fishing industry, including the welfare of fishermen and their dependents
  • The processing, preservation and marketing of fish and aquatic products
  • The development, management and conservation of aquatic resources in the inland waters, coastal wetlands and off-shore areas
  • Provide advisory and consultancy services on scientific, technological and legal matters relating to the exploitation, management, conservation and development of aquatic resources .
  • Co-ordinate the activities of institutions engaged in the exploitation, planning, research, development, conservation, control and management of aquatic resources
  • Undertake the collection, dissemination and publication of information and data useful for the management, conservation and development of aquatic resources and the fishing industry in Sri Lanka.
  • Provide training for persons required to carry out or assist in the work of the Agency .
  • Exercise, discharge and perform all the powers, functions and duties conferred or imposed on the Agency under the National Aquatic Resources Research and Development Agency Act No. 54 of 1981 as amended by act No. 32 of 1996 .