H.M.Udari Ayeshya

Name : H.M.Udari Ayeshya

Contact information : ayeshya.herath@imbrsea.eu, Ayeshya.herath@nara.ac.lk

Academic qualification

  • MSc in Marine Biological Resources ( Ghent University- Belgium, Sorbonne University – France)
  • BSc(Hons) special degree in Fisheries and Marine Sciences & Technology ( University of Ruhuna)

Research interest

  • Climate change
  • Marine biology and ecology
  • Biology of seaweeds and seagrass

Research experience

  • “Phenotypic plasticity of brown seaweed Dictyota dichotoma in response to climate change” (Master thesis research) at phycology research group, Gent University, Belgium.
  • “A behavioural analysis of common hermit crabs (Pagurus bernhardus) under the influence of anthropogenic and environmental stressors” at IMBRSea summer school held at Tjarno Marine Laboratory in Sweden.
  • “Study of seagrass meadows compared to two other main habitats at the Ria Formosa Lagoon (SE Portugal)” at CCMAR, Algarve University, Portugal(2018).
  • Species composition variations of Seagrass related to the sediment characters in the Southern Coast of Sri Lanka- (undergraduate research)(2014).
  • Participated the competition on mountain biodiversity organized by the Ministry of Environment and presented the report on biodiversity of a Rathnapura mountain region, Sri Lanka. (All island 1st place)(2003).
  • Participated Research work on inland emergent coral survey (Project of construct the Quaternary sea level curve for Central Indian Ocean) in Kachchativu, Kyets and Delft Islands, Sri Lanka with collaboration of University of Ruhuna, Geological Survey and Mines Bureau (GSMB) and Sri Lanka NAVY(2015).
  • Participated the base line bio diversity survey in seven sand bar islands in Adam’s bridge Mannar, Sri Lanka(2014).
  • Contribute to the research work on spectral analysis of seagrasses and seaweeds(2017).

Publications and presentations

  • Ayeshya,H.M.U.,Kumara,P.B.T.P.,Gunaseakara,R.D.A.2016. Comparative study on the sediment characters in selected seagrass meadows of Southern coast of Sri Lanka. RISTCON 2016 Proceedings of 3rd Ruhuna international Sciences and Technology Conference, 3, 53.
  • Ayeshya,H.M.U.,Kumara,P.B.T.P.,Gunaseakara,R.D.A.2015.Variations of species composition of seagrass related to the sediment characters in the southern coast of Sri Lanka. Student Conference on conservation Science-Bengaluru, 2015.


  • IMBRSea Annual symposium “Diving into marine minds- 2019” held at European Marine Institute, France.
  • Participate VLIZ Marine science day-2019 at Bredene, Belgium.
  • Theron Summer camp on Project Management at Ghent, Belgium
  • Participate the event “ Phycomorph European Guidelines for a Sustainable Seaweeds Aquaculture” at European Parliament, Brussels.
  • IMBRSea Annual symposium “Diving into marine minds” held at Oostend, Belgium in 2018.
  • Participated the Conference on Whale population in the Indian Ocean conducted by BIOSPHERE organization (USA) and University of Ruhuna(2012).
  • Participated for the workshops held at Student conference on Conservation Science in Bengaluru, India 2015.
  • Participated for the workshop on DNA barcoding of biological samples and its application as a tool for identification of species, conducted by Paul Hebert center for DNA barcoding , India with University of Ruhuna(2016).