Dilukshani Gayathry

Name: Dilukshani Gayathry

Contact information: gayathrydilu@nara.ac.lk

  • Academic Qualification: BSc (Hons) in Aquatic Resources Technology – (First Class Honors) Faculty of Animal Science and Export Agriculture Uva Wellassa University of Sri Lanka
  • DiTec, DiBM (E-soft Metro campus -Kandy)

Research Interests:

  • Marine Biology
  • Fish Population Dynamics
  • Fisheries Management
  • Aquatic Macrophytes


  • L.D. Gayathry, A.P. Abeygunawardhana, J.M.D.R. Jayawardhene, S.C.Jayamanne,“Some aspects of the reproductive biology of Dasyatis zugei in Gulf of Mannar” at International Research Conference of Uva Wellassa University of Sri Lanka, 2019
  • L.D. Gayathry, H.M.T.N.B. Herath, A.P. Abeygunawardhana, S.C.Jayamanne A preliminary study on the dynamics of fishing gear and catch composition of coastal fisheries in Gulf of Mannar, at 5th National symposium on Marine environment, (MEPA), 2019
  • L.D. Gayathry, V. Subaha, A.P. Abeygunawardhana, S.C. Jayamanne “Analyses of selected stock parameters of Dasyatis zugei (Muller and Henle, 1841) in Gulf of Mannar” at 7th Ruhuna International Science and Technology Conference, 2020
  • L.D. Gayathry, A.P.R. Silva, D.S. Shanuke, H.N.S. Wijethunge, K.P.U.T. Egodauyana, W.N.D.S. Jayarathna and B.V.A.S.M. Bambaranda, A Preliminary Study on Potentials of Seaweed Culture as an Alternative Livelihood for Small Scale Fishing Community in Southern Coast of Sri Lanka, IRCUWU,2020
  • Anushika, H.M.T.N.B. Herath, P.C.B.Dias and L.D.Gayathry, Some Aspects of the Population Characteristics of Selected Marine Fish Species (Ambligaster sirm, Hyporhamphus dussumieri, Decapterus russelli and Atule mate) in Trincomalee District, IRCUWU, 2020
  • J.A.J.F Kulas, I.U.Wickramarathne, B.M.K.Susai, L.D. Gayathry, Comparative Study on Ring-Net and Bottom Set Gill-Net Fisheries in Thalaimannar Pier, Sri Lanka. IRCUWU, 2020
  • D.M.K.M.Chandrasena, W.L.Alwis, G.G.N.Thushari, A.P. Abeygunawardana, A.P.R. Silva, D.S.W.N. Jayarathne, L.D.Gayathry, Study on Removal Efficiency of Fluoride in Water Using Environmental Friendly, Low Cost Filter System. IRCUWU, 2020
  • M.W.K. Praboda, H.N.S. Wijethunga, A.P.R.Silva, L.D.Gayathry, A.P.Abeygunawardhana, J.M.D.Senavirathne, G.G.N. Thushari, Screening of plastic pollution Effects in Madu-Ganga Estuarine Ecosystem in Southern Province, Sri Lanka: An approach towards the coastal zone management. IRCUWU, 2020

Research Projects Involved:

  • Sri Lanka Blue Swimming Crab Fishery Improvement Programme-SLBSC-FIP
    Stock assessment and reproductive biological aspects of Pale-edged Stingray (Dasyatis zugei) in Gulf of Mannar
    Non-target species study on Bottom set blue swimming crab fishery in Gulf of Mannar and Palkbay
  • Identification and Development of potentials of Fisheries and Aquaculture in Arugambay and Panama Lagoons in East coast. (MFAR)
  • Development of the potentials Aqua-eco tourism in Arugambay and Panama Lagoon area in East coast. (SLTDB)
  • A Study on Mangrove and macro-faunal diversity in Panama Lagoon Ecosystem
  • Distribution of Aquatic macrophytes in Uva province

 Training and Experience:

  •  Industrial Training:
    National aquatic resources Research and Development Agency (NARA)
  • Research Assistant
    Pelagikos (pvt)ltd
  • Demonstrator
    Department of Animal Science,
    Uva Wellassa University of Sri Lanka

Workshops Participated:

  • DNA Barcoding of biological samples and its Application as a tool for identification of Species by Prof. Gulab D Khedkar –UWUICC,2016
  • Workshop on cell biology, Protein workflow, cell culture workflow and PCR molecular workflow by Dr. Jonathan Goh Wai Leong – (Organized by UWU and Sigma Aldrich/ Merk), 2019
  • Ornamental Fish Farming Workshop, Oct-2019
  • Aqua Forum of UWU 2015 and 2019
  • Workshop on environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Initial Environmental Examination (IEE)- UWU,2020

Awards and Medals:

  •  Awarded Vice Chancellor’s award for the Highest Performance in Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Aquatic Resources Technology Degree Programme at General Convocation-UWU, 2019
  • Awarded Gold Medal for the Best oral presenter at International Research Conference of Uva Wellassa University of Sri Lanka (IRCUWU) under the technical session of Aquaculture and Fisheries, 2019
  • Gold medal for the Highest performance and Gold medal for Best project in DiTec (Diploma in Information technology- Esoft Metro Campus-2014)