CONTENTS Volume 42

A study of trace metal levels in selected fisheries harbours in South and West coast of Sri Lanka
B.K.K.K. JinadasaVolume 42- Paper 1

Species diversity and antibiotic sensitivity of pathogenic bacteria isolated from hatchery bred shrimp larvae in Sri Lanka
P.P.M. HeenatigalaVolume 42- Paper 2

An assessment of the water quality in major streams of the Madu Ganga catchment and pollution loads draining into the Madu Ganga from its own catchment
A.A.D.Amarathunga and N. SureshkumarVolume 42- Paper 3

Level of trace metals Hg, Cd, Pb, Cu, Fe and Zn in yellowfin tuna (Thunnus albacares ) and swordfish (Xiphias gladius) collected from Sri Lanka
B.K.K.K. Jinadasa, E.M.R.K.B. Edirisinghe and S.B.N. AhmadVolume 42- Paper 4

Responsible marine stock enhancement as a solution to the problem of depleted or declining fish stocks – A review
R.P.P.K. Jayasinghe and K.H.K. BandaranayakeVolume 42- Paper 5

Geological approach for placer mineral exploration in Eastern coast of Sri Lanka - A case study
S.U.P. Jinadasa and A. WijayadevaVolume 42- Paper 6

Evolutionary position of a Green turtle with anomalous colouration
D.N.A. Ranmudugala and D.R. HerathVolume 42- Paper 7