CONTENTS Volume 41

Gross clinical signs and haematological changes associated with artificial infection of Edwardsiella tarda in Koi Carp
A.D.W.R. Rajapakshe, K. Pani Prasad and S.C. MukharjeeVol. 41 ebook- 1

Development and shelf life evaluation of Thilapia (Oreochromis spp.) marinades
M.M. Rathnayake, V.P.N. Prasadi and C.V.L. JayasingheVol. 41 ebook- 2

An assessment of handling and processing methods used for the shrimp fishery by- catch in Kalpitiya, Sri Lanka
C.V.L. Jayasinghe, K. Vinopavan and T.S.G. FonsekaVol. 41 ebook- 3

Socio- economic and marketing aspects of Laila and Bottom Long Line fisheries in the Kalpitiya Peninsula of Sri lanka
H.D. Wimalasena and W.D.M. De MelVol. 41 ebook- 4

Supply of Astaxanthin and its combinations through live feed (Moina micrura) enrichment affects the growth, survival and fatty acid profile of Macrobrachium rosenbergii larvae
M.G.I.S. Parakrama, K.D. Rawat, G. Venkateshwarlu and A.K. ReddyVol. 41 ebook- 5

Vegetation structure and faunal composition of Wathurana Wetland ecosystem Tebuwana, Kalutara, Sri Lanka
A.A.D. Amarathunga and H.M.G.S.B. HitinayakeVol. 41 ebook- 6

Reproductive biology of Catla catla in the Udawalawe reservoir, Sri Lanka
D.A. AthukoralaVol. 41 ebook- 7

A study of the constraints affecting ornamental fish production in Sri Lanka
P.P.M. HeenatigalaVol. 41 ebook- 8

Development of soy protein fortified fish sticks from Tilapia
H.H.A. Malkanthi, P.C. Arampath and P. JayasingheVol. 41 ebook- 9