A field Guide to the Fishes and Freshwater of Sri Lanka

The book “A field Guide to the Fishes and Freshwater of Sri Lanka” was recently published by the Department of Wildlife Conservation (DWC), Sri Lanka which is NARA / DWC joined work.

Sole author of this book is Ms. Ramani Shirantha / Senior Scientist of NARA recently presented and shared her experience with others in particular NARA Scientists as per a request made by NARA scientists’ association that is SAN.

This book of 520 pages gives over 160 beautiful color drawing, digital photos of each fish and numerous line drawings facilitating easy understand and identification. The introductory part gives a wider knowledge of the ichthyological terms in normatively together with information of diversity, distribution, threats and conservation needs of each species.

Ms. Ramani Shirantha presented how she successfully completed the assigned work with the selected technical personal of NARA and she discussed the groundwork she had to undertake as well as the challenges, failure her faced and how managed them and the rewards she achieved at the end.

Emeritus Professor M.J.S.Wijeyaratne and Head of the divisions of NARA participated the event.