Hon. Minister of Fisheries, Maldives Visit to NARA

Minister of Fisheries, Marine Resources & Agriculture of the Maldives, Hon. Dr. Hassan Rasheed Hassan, has recently visited NARA with a foreign mission. The mission comprised with Deputy Minister ofFisheries, Marine Resources & Agriculture, Director of Fisheries Director, Agriculture and Senior Research Officers. Prof. M.J.S. Wijeyaratna, Chairman, Dr. T.K.D.D. Thennakoon, Director General and other Senior Officials were also participate to this eventon behalf of NARA. During his visit Hon. Minister pointed out that the importance ofdeploying Fish Aggregation Devices (FADs) to enhance the fish yield while cutting down the fuel costs. He further emphasizedthe importance of maintainingthe Maximum Sustainable Yield (MSY) level in marine capture fisheries to ensure the sustainability of fishery resources. Hon. Ministers planted mango trees at NARA premises to commemorate this visit.