National Hydrographic Office – Services

1.Collect , with systematic surveys at sea, along the coast and inland, georeferenced data related to :

Shoreline configuration, including man made infrastructure for maritime navigation i.e. all those features on shore that are of interest to mariners
Depths in the area of interest ( including all potential hazards to navigation and other marine activities).
Sea bottom composition
Tides and currents

2.Process the information collected in order to create organized databases capable of feeding the production of thematic maps, nautical charts and other types of documentation for the following most common uses :

Maritime navigation and traffic management
Naval operations
Coastal zone management
Marine environment preservation
Exploitation of marine resources and laying of submarine cables / pipelines
Maritime boundaries definition ( Law of the Sea implementation)
Scientific studies

3. Dissemination of maritime safety information in accordance with IMO & IHO Standar