Regional Research Center – Rekawa – About Us

This center was stabilized in 1999. It is located about 200km South of Colombo in the Tangalle Divisional Secretariat Division, Hambantota District in the Southern Province of Sri Lanka. It lies adjacent to the Rekawa Lagoon area which possesses a rich biodiversity with verity of flora and fauna including mangroves.


  • Developing ornamental aquaculture practices within Rekawa Regional Center using the available resources as an income generating source and as a livelihood development of locals.
  • Conducting selective breeding programmes for KOI carps.
  • Issuing the ornamental fish brooders for the farmers.
  • Conducting research activities related to Environmental Management, Fisheries and Aquaculture.

Current Specific Activities

  • Conducting awareness programs related to sensitive marine ecosystems including mangroves, corals, sea grass beds and sand dunes to school children, local and foreign university students and other related groups.
  • Monitoring and Assessment of lagoon fishery and pelagic fishery in selected locations.
  • Monitoring and Assessment of pollution status of selected fisheries harbours.
  • Assessment of Fisheries and Aquaculture potential in selected floodplain ecosystems.
  • Rearing and breeding of KOI carp, Angel fish, Fighters, Rosy barb, Sword tails and Malawi fish as an income generating source.
  • Transferring the technical knowledge to the farmers and necessary groups.
  • Address environmental matters and problems within the area.


  • Conduct awareness programs on Management and Culture of Ornamental Fish
  • Conduct awareness programs on Aquaculture
  • Conduct awareness programs on Management of Coastal Ecosystems and restoration