Regional Research Center – Kalpitiya – About Us

The NARA Regional Research Centre at Kalpitiya situated at the extreme end of the projecting landmass on the Northwest Coast occupies the former 'Ceynor' building at Sangumalady, Anawasalamunai, Kalpitiya established in 1983. The Research Centre represents the field station of the agency of the North-West Coast comprising mainly the Puttalam Lagoon, the Dutch Bay, the Portugal Bay bordering Wilpattu on the East Side and the two important rivers the Kala Oya and Appu Aru opening in to the Bays, needless to say that the station is oriented at an advantageous position for marine, brackish water and freshwater research studies.

The station was opened on the 10th of April 1984 with three Research Officers, 02 Research Assistants and 03 Laboratory Assistants. The objectives of opening up this field station and similar ones in other coastal areas includes decentralization of the programme of the agency and facilities of field oriented research studies by providing aids and instruments at the field itself. In fact, after establishing this field station, new spheres of aquatic research programmes have been increased the aim of the station has been recently projected towards the development of coastal aquaculture and related activities