Regional Research Center -Kapparathota – About Us

Kapparathota falls within the District of Matara and is administered by the Southern Provincial Council. The location of the Field Station is on the coast at Weligama Bay and is about 145kms from Colombo on the Colombo-Hambanthota Road.

According to the decentralized policy of the National Aquatic Resources Agency, this centre was established for the south coast. Weligama-Mirissa bay area was identified as the best location for NARA’s Regional Field Station.

Mirissa represents one of the important south coast fishing centre considerable providing fisheries sector contribution from offshore, deep sea fisheries. There are also considerable small scale fisheries operations being carried out, and other fisheries operating within the bay. Substantial mechanized fishing operations are also centred at Mirissa.

It is reported that a significant marine mammal population of whales and dolphins inhabit the waters around this coastal area with special features in continental shelf. The heavily congested south coast international shipping route passes immediately offshore.

NARA is statutorily responsible for maintaining a survey of aquatic resources. Accordingly one of NARA’s major programmes is the survey of the marine fishery. This is conducted through a continuous monitoring of marine fish catches at important coastal landing centres in the island. NARA is working with local fisherman to find new fishing grounds for these species and to develop suitable fishing techniques.

NARA’s mandate extends to fresh water as well as marine aquatic resources. NARA is working with the Inland Fisheries Division of IARAD, to provide assistance to the inland and coastal areas in developing aquaculture. NARA also encourage and supports the breeding of ornamental fish and would provide necessary local advice and support through the station.