Ms Shyamali Weerasekara

Name : K.A.W.Shyamali Weerasekara

Contact :

Education :

  • B.Sc. Degree, Grade II Lower Division (Honors.),University of Ruhuna, July, 1999
  • M.Sc. Degree in Natural Resource Management, (G.P.A 3.64/4.00),Post Graduate Institute of Agriculture (PGIA),University of Peradeniya ,February, 2004

Research interest

  • Natural Resource Management, Water Quality Management, Development of Bioassays, Environmental Impact Assessment

Research Experience

  • Managing Agro-chemicals in Multiuse Aquatic Systems (MAMAS) Project - Multidisciplinary collaborative research project conducted by University of Peradeniya and NARA which is funded by European Union. In-situ bioassay development, field deployment, analysis of water pollution parameters including nutrients, physio-chemical parameters, pesticide residue analysis, studying biological communities and conducting toxicity tests(2003/2006 ).
  • Assessment of Aquatic pollution levels in selected water bodies and streams within the Upper Mahaweli Catchment Area and Environmental impacts to Aquatic Resources (2007/2008).
  • Monitoring the impacts of dredging on the Puttalam basin, Mundal Lake and Dutch Canal (2008).
  • Study on Baseline Environmental conditions in selected Inland waters regarding Chronic Kidney Disease (2009/2010)


  • Two weeks training on High-End Analytical Instruments conducted by Industrial Technology Institute (ITI), Sri Lanka (2007).
  • Two weeks training on Fishery Data Collection conducted by FAO/CIDA funded project on Capacity Enhancement of NARA for Marine Resource Surveys and Stock Assessments in selected Fisheries/Resources in the Coastal Waters of Sri Lanka
  • Two weeks training on Introduction to ArcGIS 9.2 ,at NARA

Publications and Presentations

  • K. A. W. S. Weerasekera,   A. A. D. Amarathunga, N. Sureshkumar, and R. R. A. R. Shirantha (2009), Comparison of Physico-chemical Parameters of Uma Oya & Badulu Oya Sub Catchments (of the Mahaweli Upper Catchment) with special reference to the water pollution. Sri Lanka Association for Advancement of Science, Proceedings of the 65th Annual Session, Sri Lanka. 834/D, 211pp(2009).
  • A. A. D. Amarathunga, K. A. W. S. Weerasekera ,R. R. A. R. Shirantha, N. Sureshkumar, and S. A.M Azmy.Nutrient loading in Nanu Oya,Dambagasthalawa Oya and Agra Oya in Mahaweli Upper Catchment of Sri Lanka(GEN–III -35). Third International Symposium at Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka (137p) (2010).
  • S.A.M Azmy, W.D.N.Wicckramaarachchi, K.A.W.S. Weerasekera , and A. A. D. Amarathunga.Status of Dutch Canal after dredging operations with special reference to water quality(GEN–III-36). Third International Symposium at Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka (138p) (2010).
  • R.R.A.R Shirantha, A.A.D. Amarathunga, K.A.W.S. Weerasekara .Do feral populations of Poecilia reticulata ready to bring its overall efficacy as a mosquito biocontrol agent or pose threats to aquatic biodiversity in Sri Lanka (2008).
  • R. R. A. R. Shirantha, A. A. D. Amarathunga, and K. A. W. S. Weerasekera. Assessment of ecological integrity of Kothmale upper-catchment of Sri Lanka through a study on invertebrate community. First National Symposium of Natural Resources Management. Department of Natural Resources, Faculty of Applied Sciences, Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka (56p)(2008)

Technical Reports

  • Report on Assessment of Limnological Aspects in Selected Water Bodies and Streams in Mahaweli Upper Catchment-2008
  • Report on Investigation of Causes of Fish Kill in Rathgama Lagoon-2008
  • Report on fish kill incident at Dandugan Oya-2008
  • Report on fish kill incident at Koswatte Canal,Battaramulla-2008
  • Report on Assessment of Pollution load coming through Nanu Oya, Dambagasthalawa Oya,and Agra Oya with respect to catchment land-use-2009
  • Report on investigation of causes for fish kill incident in Nalanda Reservoir- 2009
  • Initial Environmental Examination Report. Three Dimensional Seismic Surveys for Oil Exploration in Block SL-2007-01-001 in Gulf of Mannar-Sri Lanka.  Cairn Lanka Pvt. Limited (As a Contributor)-2009
  • Report on Development of Simple Bioassay Techniques for Local Test Species—Research Report, MAMAS Project(As a Contributor) -2006
  • Study of Pesticide Residue Concentration in Sri Lanka- Research Report, MAMAS Project (As a Contributor) -2006
  • M.Sc.Thesis on Financial Viability of System of Rice Intensification (SRI) of Sri Lanka-2004.
  • Report on Investigation of Causes of Fish Kill in Borgambara Lake.Kandy-2009.
  • Report on Investigation of the Environmental Pollution in Atthidiya  and Badovita canal area – 2010.