Technology Transfer Division

Dissemination of scientific information and technologies to end users or stakeholders are enormous ways of contributing the economic development of country. The mission of Technology Transfer Division (TTD) is to persuade stakeholders to acquire new knowledge and adopt technologies innovated by NARA. These programs will increase the rate of adoption of technologies by existing or novel industries, mainly, small and medium enterprises (SMEs); educate students; and create awareness among other stakeholders enabling to utilize the aquatic resources for the optimum economic benefits within regulatory frame works which are set for sustainability of the natural resources, and food security and safety.

The main goal of TTD is fully- utilization of scientific information and technical know-how generated by research, expertise of Scientists, and Hi-tec infrastructure at NARA for making best technical changes in the exploitation of fisheries and other aquatic resources at commercial level in a sustainable manner. This goal will be achieved through following objectives.


  • To retain and delegate scientific/technical information generated and technologies upgraded/innovated by R&D work of Technical Divisions of NARA
  • To identify stakeholders, knowledge gaps and training needs in sector of fisheries and aquatic resources for planning  of technology transfer programs and formulation of new research projects of Technical Divisions
  • To prepare and conduct suitable extension programs depending on capacity for knowledge absorption of stakeholders
  • To provide tailor-made technical assistance required  to trouble shoot/ upgrade/start new SMEs
  • To undertake requests of entrepreneurs for preparation of feasibility reports of SMEs which are needed to be submitted for credit from lending or donor funding Agency.
  • To evaluate and do survey the effectiveness of adoption of new knowledge and technologies in order to find alternate effective ways for promoting better technical changes towards high productivity and profitability  in SMEs; and  sustainability of  aquatic resources.
  • To provide technical scientific information required for upgrading and developing Regulations
  • To cooperate with sister organizations of Ministry of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Development , other line Ministries, Institutes, organizations and other stakeholders to introduce and implement new knowledge and technologies in curricula, management of resources and allied industries.