Marine Biological Resources Division – Research

Project : 2.1 Assessment and monitoring of small pelagic and large pelagic fishery resources via port sampling (continuous project)
Project : 2.2 Molecular based studies on feeding predation in commercially important fish species
Project : 2.3 Bio –physical monitoring of coral reefs and DNA bar-coding of coral species
Project : 2.4 Marine museum upgrade and skeleton preparation
Project : 2.5 Assessment of the blue whale population living in south coast of Sri Lanka and studying the interactions of marine mammals with fisheries.
Project : 2.6 Spiny lobster fisheries management and in situ conservation of berried spiny lobsters
Project : 2.7 Biological, fisheries and other aspects in shark fishery with a special reference to shark fin trade in Sri Lanka
Project : 2.8 Sea urchin fishery development in Sri Lanka (Continuation)
Project : 2.9 Sri Lanka – Norway Bilateral project to improve the management of the fish resources of Sri Lanka.