Institute of Post Harvest Technology – Services

Parameter Number of days required for issuing Report (Water ) Number of days required for issuing Report (Food) Charge (Rs.)
Aerobic plate count One-week One-week 1,000.00
Staphylococcus aureus One-week One-week 2,100.00
Coliform One-week One-week 900.00
Escherichia coli One-week One-week 1,100.00
Coliform+ Faecal coliform One-week One-week 1,000.00
Coliform+ Faecal colifrom+E. coli One-week 10 days 1,100.00
Vibrio cholerae Two-week Two-weeks 2,000.00
Vibrio parahaemolyticus Two-week Two-weeks 2,000.00
Vibrio spp. Two-week Two-weeks 1,700.00
Salmonella Two-week Two-weeks 2,250.00
Yeast and moulds 10 days 10 days 1,100.00
Listeria monocytogenes Two-weeks Two-weeks 2,200.00
Listeria spp Two-weeks Two-weeks 2,200.00
Faecal streptococci One-week One-week 1,100.00
Sulphite reducing clostridia One-week One-week 1,900.00
Histamine 10 days 10 days 5850.00
Formalin One week One week 1100.00
Heavy metals (Rs. 3,000.00 for first metal on one sample, additional Rs. 800.00 for next metal in same sample)