Environmental Studies Division – About Us

The main activity of Environmental Studies Division to conduct research with respect to the inland, coastal and marine aquatic environment.

Studies involve assessment of agricultural input to the water quality of inland and coastal waters, accumulation of heavy metals in aquatic fauna and flora, pesticides and agrochemical accumulation in water as well as fish and effects of industrial activities on water quality etc.

This research helps the Central Environmental Authority and other regulatory agencies to assess the extent of environmental pollution in water bodies.

The Division contributes to conduct environmental impact assessment for development projects, chemical and microbiological analysis of drinking water, wastewater, sewage water, processing water and industrial effluents. Division also provides advisory services on Environmental Management Committees, technical evaluations, Environmental Management, and on environmental matters and problems. Servicing industrialists by providing analytical reports on quality of industrial effluents. Provide reports for Environmental Protection Licensing procedure with Central Environmental Authority is another service of the Division